Dodging The Rain

I was thrilled to be notified by email a week ago, that five of my poems were selected for publication in Galway, Ireland with a new Blogazine on WordPress called Dodging The Rain.  These poems will be appearing on October 1st, so I will post again once they are visible.

This creative blogazine was started by three graduates of the National University of Ireland-Galway’s Masters in Writing Programme, and one graduate of Uversity, the NUI recognized Creative Process Masters of the Arts.

It is a visually beautiful blogazine, that is welcoming to emerging writers and artists and I would highly recommend my poet and artist friends check it out.

I have never been to Galway, but I have looked across Galway Bay from the Flaggy Shore.   I miss you Ireland, and hope to return soon— in the meantime I am honored to be included in this wonderful new creative adventure.

Carey Taylor Photography – West Ireland/County Clare


Yours in poetry,



Where Poems Go

You never know where your poems will go.  My poem “Arrivals and Departures” found its way (without my knowledge until after the fact) to my son’s class at college.  He read it aloud in his Public Speaking class.  His professor asked for a copy.  All I ever dreamed when I began writing poems, is that at least one person would connect with my writing.  One person is more than enough.