Carey Taylor, Surfacing — DODGING THE RAIN

Surfacing to have even an ocean’s chance of swimming in that phosphorescent glow you know is your center the one that too often slips out between your legs like silky kelp or the men you love but cannot hold onto attach yourself like a barnacle to the belly of a whale— dive deep into saltwater […]

Carey Taylor, Surfacing — DODGING THE RAIN

Carey Taylor, Diagnosed — DODGING THE RAIN

Carey Taylor is the author of The Lure of Impermanence (Cirque Press, 2018). Her poetry has appeared in regional, national, and international publications and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Born in Bandon, Oregon, she has spent her entire life at the western edges of Oregon and Washington. She currently lives and writes from […]

Carey Taylor, Diagnosed — DODGING THE RAIN

I am honored to be included once again in this lovely journal which was born and spiritually resides in Galway, Ireland. Check them out—they publish poems from around the world and their visuals are stunning.

Yours in poetry,