Cirque – Winter – 2018

I am honored to have two poems in the most recent volume of  Cirque, a Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim.  Check it out here: Cirque – Winter 2018.  As usual, Editors Sandra Kleven and Michael Burwell have produced a stunning journal.  This issue also includes a tribute to the late Seattle poet, Joan Swift, which I was lucky to have known.   I hope in some small way this tribute written by myself and other poets who knew and loved her, helps expand her contribution to the world of poetry.



Yours in poetry,


Cirque Summer Tour

I am delighted to be included once again, in the summer Cirque reading tour.  If you are in the Seattle or Portland area, I hope to see you as I will be reading at both events.   Come out and help support this beautiful literary journal.

Flyer 3 cities


Yours in poetry,


CIRQUE-Winter Solstice 2016

I am honored to have my poem “Sicks Stadium, July 5th, 1970” and “Still Breathing: A Lifetime of Poetry-An Interview with Joan Swift” published in the most recent volume of  CIRQUE – A Literary Journal of the North Pacific Rim.

Once again, Editors Sandra Kleven and Mike Burell have put together a beautiful journal, which I would encourage anyone who is interested in regional writing at its best, to read.