The Poet and the Punk

Last Fall my son Sean Taylor, invited me to read poems between sets at one of his shows.  He played lovely background music to two of my poems and after that I dubbed us The Poet and the Punk.  I am still scheming a documentary about the two of us hitting the road in a Subaru station wagon, making music and poems as we sing or read for a place to stay or eat, but that is another story.

The Punk
The Punk

My son is a poet who put his words to music, a talent I envy and admire.  This Friday, May 1st, he will be an opening act at Dantes, in Portland, Oregon.  Check him out if you get a chance and here is a sampling of his wonderful talent.

I was running for my life
you were always saying run a little faster
I was playing Aces High
I didn’t know the rules
or the outcome I was after

I remember the scene
now the plot unfolds
I was looking for love
you were sniffing out blood
and a place to bury his bones

You were beautiful
like a harvest moon in a devils sky
fading in and out of focus
like disappearing ink
like dreams we had at nineteen
they were never meant to last
yeah you were kerosene
I’m just the fool that lit the match…

Yours in poetry,