Blog Tour 2014 – Part 2


Thank you to Jeff  Vande Zande, author of American Poet for participating in the 2014 Blog Tour.  Check out his blog and read his answers to the four questions.  I appreciated his honesty and generous spirit in answering the question about his writing process.


I would encourage any of you interested in Theodore Roethke to read American Poet, A Novel.

If you are a poet or love poetry, I would encourage you to read this novel.

If you want a well built story with layers woven together in what appears a seamless effort, and dialogue that gets to the core of each character in a matter of lines, read this book.

In short, it is a small book that packs a big punch.  It is about poets, poetry, place, loss, and complicated relationships. It is about struggle on the way to understanding purpose and self.

And in parts, it is funny as hell, especially the part of the book where he describes a poetry reading.  As a poet, that chapter alone was worth buying the book for.

In case it isn’t obvious by now, I strongly recommend this small gem of a book.


In poetry,