30 Poems in 30 Days

As I mentioned in my previous blog, April is National Poetry Month.  This year, I signed up to write 30 poems in 30 days with a prompt provided each day by Two Sylvias Press.

Today is the fourth day of these prompt driven poem exercises, and I must admit, I am writing poems I don’t think I would have ever written without the prompts.

Some might be keepers, some might just be for fun, but in any event, I feel I am stirring my creative juices, something I was in much need of after a winter of what felt like brain hibernation.

Usually, I don’t share poems unless they are what I consider finished, (are they ever?) but this month I will share with you my first attempts at writing a poem given a set of prompts.

Here is my poem for Day #3 – The prompt included having something magical happen, a secret being revealed by someone about your life, and a variety of words.  Just so you know, the prompt is just the catalyst to begin the poem, and does not mean you have to use everything in the prompt.



Out of the Ether

My mother’s voice comes out of the ether
like a chariot headed for Rome.

I have something to tell you she says.
Something splendid.
I know you think I’m prim
that I always talk of sin
but once there was a time
when even I could spin.

Once I lived for shenanigans
loved that I was shallow
shrouded my breasts in silk
never felt chagrined.

So, you too, should go.

Past the orchard
with its lemons and chickens
where the air is sweet like citrus

and the light
is rainbow of prism.



Yours in poetry,









April is National Poetry Month

On day one (yes!  April Fools’ Day!) I performed at Boundary Bay Brewery in one of my favorite poetry towns, Bellingham, Washington.

After reading both prose and poetry about my foolish young self in love, I was awarded the prize for “most eloquent reader”, by author Tom Robbins, which sort of made my evening.


What made this night extra special however, was that it was a fundraiser to benefit Rooted Emerging,  which is a Nonprofit whose mission is connecting caring professionals & mentors to youth of puberty age in a community-focused rite of passage.

As a former middle school counselor who understands how important it is for this age group to be supported by adults who can help navigate all the scary and beautiful changes happening in their lives, I was truly impressed with not only the program, but as usual by the community support Bellingham provided.


In honor of Tom Robbins, I wore my “cowgirl” dress.  Though these cowgirls don’t have the blues!

Anyway, it was a great way to start National Poetry Month.  More later on what I will be doing the rest of the month.




Yours in poetry,