Carey Taylor is the author of The Lure of Impermanence (Cirque Press 2018).  Her poetry has appeared in regional, national, and international publications and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Born in Bandon, Oregon, she has lived her entire life at the western edges of Oregon and Washington.  Taylor has a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.  https://careyleetaylor.com.











5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mary,
    So happy you found my blog…sounds like we have been on a similar path. Isn’t it a gift to be on this end of work, parenting, etc. etc. and have time read, write, contemplate life and write poems to share our vision on the world? I am so sorry for the slow response, but I have had a “glitch” with wordpress and just now got it resolved. Happy Holidays….
    In poetry,

  2. I just chanced upon your blog while reading another one. I’m glad I wandered off down the path that led me here because your blog looks very interesting and something I know I will like exploring. I, too, was a teacher (for 34 years) prior to retiring, and a poet who was active and inactive for years at a time. How nice to meet you. Best wishes, Mary.

  3. Joanne, the experience in Ireland was pretty amazing, and if you were there, I am sure you can relate. I am so happy it was chosen for the theme this year. It is one small way to honor an amazing man and poet. I look forward to reading your poem.

  4. Hi Carey: I hope to meet you- thank you for suggesting this years theme.
    I would also like to know how you got such a nice website. I am not on Facebook or social media , but after resuming writing poetry a few years ago (I’m also a musician) I probably need to get “out there” more.
    2 of my poems were selected for Ars Poetica when first begun in 2012, and this is my 4th year for BI’s Poetry Corners. I too was in Ireland in August 2013- I split my time for the past 3 years between here and Co. Galway- that’s another story.
    I wrote a poem about SH there not knowing about this years’ theme- so-:)
    thanks for the brilliant suggestion. Joanne Pramhus= joanneo23@yahoo.com

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