I have books!

After two weeks of being sick, I am beginning to feel better.

My much awaited book launch in Bothell, Washington two weeks ago was not stellar.  I had laryngitis and did not sound my best poetic self.  However, the venue was lovely, poets and friends showed up, and my editor, Sandra Kleven hosted with lots of wine and cheese and her usual unflappable grace.

A week later, my readings in Portland and Bellingham went on without me as I was still horizontal on the couch.  And so is life.  If I have learned anything these past few weeks, it is to let go, as best one can, to expectations.  Things happen.  People get sick.  Life moves forward with or without you.  Accept your disappointment and begin again.

This past Monday, my books showed up, and slowly over the course of the week, I realized I have a published book of poems.  Seven years of work now gathered together in one place.  AND I AM THRILLED!  In the end, the book turned out beautiful and for that I am grateful to Cirque Press.

We write to share our story and our view of the world.  We write with the hope to connect to another human soul. We write to say for one small moment, I was here.

These poems cover a lot of territory.  From growing roses, childhood, regrets, loss of family, politics, the Pacific Northwest, and more.  They are poems rooted in observation.  They are poems that take us on the highway we all must travel, towards the fleeting nature of all things.

If you get a chance to read my poems, and if they touch you in any way, please drop me a note.   This is why I write.



Currently available on Amazon.


Yours in poetry,





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