Carey Taylor, Blessings

I am so honored to have five of my poems published with “Dodging The Rain”, and the photograph by Diane G. Martin was simply stunning. Thank you so much.


Carey Taylor is a poet and Pushcart Prize nominee from Port Ludlow, Washington. Her poetry has appeared in Cirque, Clover: A Literary Rag, Off the Coast, Snapdragon, and others. She has a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, something that prepared her well for becoming a writer.

Sylvia Plath Watches a Young Woman in Checkout Line at Walmart

are you blue?

not like
egg of robin

blue-black blue
before heal of bruise

cave of bat

of deepest ocean

carbon blue of knife
you slide between




oh let me fill your cart with
what mine cannot hold—

cobalt of nebula

turquoise of Navajo

cornflower of child’s barrette

cerulean blue of sky
you reach for      after




Thoughts Six Months After Trump Was Elected

At first they fed in multitudes,
from the high energy suet cube
hung in the Contorted Filbert.

Then came week

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