Summer Writing and Family Visits

This summer I have been busy writing, revising, and taking a poetry class conducted by Gary Lilley at The Writers’ Workshoppe in Port Townsend, Washington.   In addition, I traveled to Michigan in June to visit my husband’s family, a trek we have made regularly over the years.

Sometimes I write poetry for my family as a way to express the things that never get said in daily conversations.  This poem is for my Father-in-law, who always makes us feel welcome in his home, who always plans special adventures for us when we visit, and who has been the keeper and communicator of the family history.

Thank you Bob, for all the birthdays you never forget, every Sunday morning phone call you never miss, every wine glass we’ve shared together, and for showing us all how to age with as much grace as possible.

Family Reunion

On summer visits with his grandpa
they pick blueberries
broil on sand skirting Lake Michigan
stroll the farmer’s market
walk the dog
eat Moose Tracks ice cream
after dinner.

When the boy grows up
they browse art galleries
and bookstores
talk guitars and
grill salmon on the

Before the boy leaves
they drive North
on Highway 31
stop for lunch
at the country club
visit the family plot
at Spring Lake Cemetery.

They stand side by side
at the headstone
engraved in granite are the words Baby Taylor
the boy takes a picture with
his phone
not sure of his return
nor wanting to forget

the trees turning
from lime to canary
or this tiny sugar
bone melt
still seeping
in the last heat
of summer.


Yours in poetry,





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