30 Poems in 30 Days/#17

Yes, I am still here and I am still working on writing 30 poems in 30 days for National Poetry Month.

Today’s prompt was to write a 14 line poem, using 14 words we picked out of a book or magazine.  I decided to write a sonnet, with an English sonnet rhyme scheme: abab cdcd efef gg.   I have highlighted the words I picked out first, so you could see where they are used in the poem.   This was so out of my normal poem writing comfort zone, but I found it quite fun.   I hope you enjoy it.



Swimming Laps (and Because You Loved Sonnets)


I find you in my dreams, dark clouds in every night,

You walk right in our door, and come to sit with me,

Your eyes so clear and soft, still spark of our last fight,

As if the thousand days before, were bounty lost at sea.

It seems last rites are never done, old hurts are never gone,

And all my words can’t breach the gap,

And all the lyrics we once wrote, can never be a song,

I hold my breath and flip a turn, then start another lap,

And in this place I hold you close, with arms that won’t let go,

I walk the memory halls of youth, before the jabs began,

I take a rag and clean the mirror, to let your goodness show,

I find the spot where we once tread, upon the windy strand,

I watch our ending swirl with tide, towards the vast marine,

And beg the briny air, to blow us back to green.


Yours in poetry,







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