30 Poems in 30 Days/#5

Here is my poem for day five of my 30 poems in 30 Days poetry prompts from Two Sylvias Press.

This poem took me to my childhood and to the feeling of remorse I had for playing a naughty trick on my sibling.



Childhood Lessons in Charleston, Oregon


Praise the Skunk cabbage, green and gold.
Praise the stink of rotten meat.
Praise the push and heat of spathe.

Praise the bite I gave you.

Praise your eyes that said: betrayed.
Praise your tongue that spat.
Praise the bitter on my tongue.
Praise my small mouth burning.

Praise my hand that touched your back.
Praise the mud beneath our feet.
Praise the creek song filled with frog.

Praise my heart for breaking.


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