Ars Poetica 2016 at The Toro Lounge

On Saturday, May 21st I was at the Toro Lounge in Bremerton, Washington, with many other gifted visual artists and poets.  I read my poem “Not Another Morning”.   The poem started as a prompt in my poetry class at The Writer’s Workshoppe after discussing surrealism in poetry and “automatic writing”.  It was a fun exercise and the poem ended up feeling a bit ominous.

I explained the process of Ars Poetica on my previous blog, and for this poem the artist Denise Cormier Mahoney created a painting that captured well that sense of foreboding. It was a delight to be in contact via email as she created this piece.  She shared that her love of crows and hiking the trails of the Northwest gave the painting a sense of place.  As I too love crows and hiking this amazing landscape, I identified strongly with her interpretation.

Denise received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a  Master in Arts Education from Texas Tech University.  With her approval, I have included a picture of her painting.

2016  Not Another Morning


Not Another Morning

A white cup.
A silver kettle.
A black crow.

A thickened heart.
Crusts of bread.
A blue toe.

A mossy bed.
Track of bear.
The sun low.

This poem was first published in “Off The Coast” in the Spring of 2015 in a slightly different form.


Yours in poetry,





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