The English Elms – Bloedel Reserve

Since moving to Bainbridge Island, one of my favorite places to walk is the Bloedel Reserve.   I immediately feel centered when I walk its paths and it provides me a place to slow down and reflect.

This November the English Elms in front of the Visitor Center were removed.   The day before their removal I went to say goodbye and the following poem came out of that experience.  I hope you enjoy it and that you have your own special place to find comfort and if you are so inclined, create.

In poetry,




The English Elms
Bloedel Reserve November 2013

Everything takes its leaving–tomorrow
with blades sharp    it will be the
English Elms    in a careful,
planned execution.

Before that it was the poet
not careful   or planned   at all,

and this past summer
it was the eagle with its
aerie and tree — the holy trinity
gone  when you arrived.

Yes, everything takes its leaving–
even the  Romans    with suckers of
of Ulmus procera   domesticating Britain.

But if you were lucky    you laid your hand
on a trunk    and maybe an ear    and just listened.

©  2013 by Carey Taylor

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