Poets Support Ukraine

I am honored to be one of 47 poets in this anthology to raise funds for Ukrainian Refugees. My poem title was also used as the anthology title. The anthology is published by Black Spring Press Group out of Westminster, London. 100% of the sales profits will go to the Sanctuary Foundation which is a charity that helps Ukrainian people to safety and homes in the UK.

If you would like to help refugees from Ukraine who are victims of this terrible war, please consider buying this anthology (and maybe another for a friend).

Yours in poetry,


Peace be with Us

Dear Loves,

Today in Portland we are hunkered down with temperatures in the 20’s, sleet on the ground and freezing rain in the forecast. We are fortunate. We have food in the cupboards, the electricity is still on, and all my family are safe, unlike so many around the world, especially in Ukraine.

May you use this season to reflect on all you have and be grateful for it. May you find it in your heart this season to help others who are less fortunate. May you appreciate the fleeting moment we exist and make the time you inhabit this earth matter.

And find joy. In the birds at the feeder, in the neighbor’s soup, in a child’s laugh, in a beloved’s voice, in the music we make and the poems we write.

My wish for each of us is to create a world filled with peace, love, kindness, good health. Be the light someone can find in the darkness.

Yours in poetry,


Cirque Reading

I am looking forward to participating in the first poetry contest held by Cirque. Feel free to Zoom with us at 7:00 pm, Pacific Time, on November 22 and listen to poets read their winning poems. In addition to the winners, other poets were selected from the submissions to be published in the next issue of Cirque and will also be reading. I will be part of that latter group and will read two or three poems. If you aren’t too swamped with holiday plans, I hope you can make it.

Yours in poetry,



Poet Kristin Berger from Portland, Oregon, has recently released a new book of poems titled “EARTHWORK”, that I highly recommend. Berger is a masterful poet who writes with equal parts love and grief about changing landscapes—both literal and familial, and in doing so, gives us, her readers, a hand-hold to scramble our way to hope and keep us on the span when the water goes down.

Cover Art: Genevieve Entezari

Again, this is a beautiful collection, and you can get a copy for yourself here: The Poetry Box, Portland, Oregon.

Yours in poetry,


Land of the Free and Dead

I wrote this poem in 2015. Seven years later the problem of children being killed by guns in America has only escalated. How much mental illness in fact begins with living in a country where it does not feel safe to go to the grocery store, first grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, high school, college, a movie, a doctor’s office, your place of employment, a concert?

As poets we write about what we feel and witness. As poets we record-keep the actions of a culture. As poets we express in a few words the horror and beauty of this world. May the horror move you to action. May you find a way to preserve the beauty of this world, so that our children have the chance to bear witness to it.

Yours in poetry,


Cirque in Portland!

If you like poetry and haven’t been to a reading in person for awhile, join us at Kennedy School McMenamins on June 4th – 7:00 PM. Each reader will have about five minutes to showcase their work and celebrate publication in Cirque. Hope to see a few of you.

Yours in poetry,


Cirque Reads!

Hope to see some of you at this Zoom reading of both poetry and prose. I will be reading 5 minutes worth of poems, so pop in for a few minutes or stay and listen to the line-up!

Yours in poetry,


Full Circle

Last weekend I had the great joy to read my poem at the Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita, Oregon, which is just up the road from where I learned to read and write at Garibaldi Grade School. To feel the trajectory of my writing come back to where it started 60 years ago was a homecoming of sorts, and the loss I felt as a child leaving the North Coast was replaced with the understanding that this place had never left me.

Judge Lana Ayers who selected my poem for the 2022 Neahkahnie Mountain Poetry Prize had this to say about “Birthday Fires”.

Birthday Fires is a marvel of imagery and complexity in 9 couplets. The fires are birth, creativity, life. The poem reminds us that even as hardships and sorrows sap joy, we can still celebrate and make our own light, as in the final captivating image of the poem.”

Yours in poetry,


Neahkahnie Mountain Poetry Prize

I am thrilled to have had my poem “Birthday Fires” chosen as the winner of the 2022 Neahkahnie Mountain Poetry Prize. This is an annual contest held by the Hoffman Center for the Arts in Manzanita, Oregon, with this year’s judge being Lana Hechtman Ayers.

This poem began after I read the line in a poem from Henri Cole: “I came from a place with a hole in it”. As poems are wont to do, it found its own story to tell, its own feelings to express.

Having learned to read and write at Garibaldi Grade School, I am thrilled my words have returned full circle to this part of the Northern Oregon Coast. I have fond memories of living at the Coast Guard Station in Garibaldi, learning to swim at the Nehalem pool, and having the ability to roam this small town with the freedom of an earlier era.

Garibaldi, Oregon – View from my childhood bedroom window.
Garibaldi, Oregon – Childhood home .

You can check out my poem and the 2nd and 3rd place winners here: Hoffman Center for the Arts.

Again, I am humbled and honored to have been chosen for this prize.

Yours in poetry,



I am honored to have my poem “Early Seral Stage” published in Shark Reef.

Shark Reef is one of my favorite regional journals and I hope you take
time to read this winter issue.

Yours in poetry,


North Coast Squid

I am honored to have my poem “A Woman on 22nd and Killingsworth” published in the 8th edition of the North Coast Squid.

Please check out the link above for where to purchase this journal doing great work on the north Oregon coast. Isn’t the cover just lovely? I can’t wait to settle down with my morning coffee and check it out.

I have fond memories of my time as a child living on the north Oregon coast at the Tillamook Bay Coast Guard Station where my father was Chief. I learned to swim at the Nehalem Pool, had my tonsils and adenoids taken out in Wheeler, met my first best friend Marla, in Mrs. Jones first grade class at Garibaldi Grade School.

I can still remember my father pulling our car onto Highway 101 and heading south after yet another Coast Guard transfer. As I looked back at the base, and then out to the boathouse, I began to cry. It was the first time I had a feeling that I would only understand later. How a heart can attach to place.

To come back to this place through my words is both an honor and a reminder that we can go home, because any home we have been loved in, embeds itself into the core of our being.

Yours in poetry,


Concordia Neighborhood #3

It makes no difference to the sky
what happened here,

or the east wind taking its
much-needed break.

Even St. Michael
was taking vacation

from shattered glass
and squeal of tire

seated at the bar of some
scuzzy seaside honky-tonk,

on the ebb tide
of his third beer.

Yours in poetry,

Concordia Neighborhood #1

purple suns of morning
creep and cling
weathered spine of board

capillaries of red
braid into our pausing

pierce our chatter

remind us
of those small
paper brown bags
we filled
with penny candy

Yours in poetry,


You’re Invited!!

On August 12, 2012, I had my first poetry reading with Cirque. I was so nervous, but here I am nine years later still on the circuit with them. I will be forever indebted to editors Sandy Kleven and Michael Burwell for seeing something in my early poems and for being part of my poetic journey from the beginning.

Each summer Cirque hits the road to launch new work, welcome new members into the family, and celebrate those of us who keep calling Cirque one of our literary homes. I will be reading via Zoom for the Seattle event and I sure hope I see some of you!

Yours in poetry,



After a long year, it was time to leave the house, and I knew where I was headed. To those early places of sand and sea.

I watched a tug crossing the Coos Bay Bar. Sat on the same jetty I climbed on as a young girl. Found comfort in the smell of ocean. The wind blowing my hair. Remembered bits of a poem by John Masefield called Sea-Fever.

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of
the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day and white clouds
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the
the sea-gulls crying.

It has been a long 15 months—a sitting on the knife’s edge of coming and going.

But I am one of the lucky ones, who has been lucky enough to walk the beach again, grow a garden, give peas to the neighbors, bouquets of flowers to the bedroom, create one small patch in the middle of a changing city, where bees, hummingbirds, and scrub jays, can find a place to land.

Just imagine if moving forward we could all find one small thing that would show this stressed planet how much we love being here and how much we long to stay. What if we wore amulets of sea water around our necks to remind us what holiness is?

Yours in poetry,


Cirque Journal

I am honored to have my poem “Returning” published in the newest volume of Cirque Journal. You can find it on page 144.

Cirque was the first journal to publish my poems. Cirque Press published my first book, “The Lure of Impermanence”.

Editors, Sandra Kleven and Michael Burwell not only publish a beautiful, inclusive journal, but they have created a Cirque community that is still as important to me today as it was when I first began publishing with them.

Poet friends, consider submitting your best work to Cirque. Lovers of poetry, consider purchasing a copy of this journal to help support this fine publication.

Yours in poetry,